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Top 4 Tips to Boost Views and Likes on Your YouTube Video

A successful vlogger is making money from YouTube, but it takes a lot of time and effort to earn the much-required likes and views on videos. However, not everyone has enough money to invest, and eventually, it takes a lot of time to get likes, subscribers, and viewers, which is crucial for video content.

To get more likes and views, choose video content carefully; adhere to the latest YouTube practice of youtube thumbnail size and format for ease of compatibility across platforms. If your video suddenly gets viral, try to retain viewers' attention and find out which trending topic interests the viewers.

Depending on this, the potential group will grow and try to decide on the video content accordingly.

1. Use of Correct Titles and Keywords

The keywords and titles will indicate the video content, and a thumbnail with a glimpse of the final output will be beneficial. It would give a slight idea to viewers about the content and allure them to click and watch the video till the end.

Try to maintain the interesting and humorous factor in the video to get more clicks. The keywords and titles should be relevant to the video subject and help in SEO.

Thumbnail optimization has a vital role to play, and to do this right, choose the latest video editing tool such as InVideo. Use quality images and engaging fonts that would help attract the viewers better and earn clicks.

2. Create Entertaining or Informative Content

Are you unable to decide on the niche or subject of video content? Informative and educational content can do wonders provided you include relevant information and retain the interest and humor factor throughout.

The content should be a simple yet unique one to get the attention of the target group. It would help earn more views and likes for your videos in the future and boost the number of subscribers.

3. Include Guest YouTuber

Yes, you heard that right! Including guest YouTubers would be perfect for engaging in more viewers and getting clicks. In this, industry influencers or notable persons would be perfect for introducing in your video.

Try interesting collaboration videos and make them fun for the viewers. Give them enough reasons to click and watch the video till the end and wait for upcoming content.

4. Use Cards to Get Likes and Views

Try to use YouTube optimization features that help promote other content in your video. It is possible by creating cards that would include the following:

  • Donate to non-profit firm

  • Promote other content in video

  • Try to get more channel subscribers

  • Send the traffic on your website

  • Engage the users to participate and engage them in the poll

Wrapping Up

Similar to adding conclusive parts, do not forget to give end screens to the videos. Try to include a strong call-to-action asking them how they liked the video and leave comments for changes. Do not forget to include the end screen, as it would add a professional touch to the video.

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